what is DRYSPACE® ?

dryspace 1kgDRYSPACE® is a NEW industrial strength moisture absorbing desiccant that is two to three times as effective in controlling humidity than outdated silica gel, clay or simple calcium chloride desiccant products.

DRYSPACE® is a new and improved formula for desiccants. It reduces high humidity and stops condensation from occurring in your container shipments, bulk shipments and in enclosed storage areas. By controlling humidity levels DRYSPACE® also reduces spoilage, mould, mildew and odours from occurring.

DRYSPACE® uses new technology to solve current day problems. DRYSPACE® has been developed to overcome the common and vexing problem of humidity damage to valuable commodities during transport through wildly differing and challenging climactic conditions.

DRYSPACE® can be used in wide range of commercial and domestic applications.

condensation exampleDRYSPACE®

  • is super absorbent and highly efficient
  • prevents product spoilage and losses
  • is an economical low cost solution to moisture problems
  • lasts longer than other products
  • is safe and secure as absorbed moisture converts to a gel substance
  • does not leak or spill
  • is security and protection for your goods and assets
  • is environmentally safe as made from non-toxic natural materials
  • is simple to use, safe to handle and easily disposed of

Sydney University Comparitive TestUniversity of Sydney independent testing proves that DRYSPACE® is superior than silica gel, clay based products and salt desiccants as well as other competing new desiccants. DRYSPACE® will absorb up to 180% of its weight in moisture increasing total weight by 280%. Even in low humidity conditions DRYSPACE® is still very effective and will absorb over 100%.

Because it will last longer and operate in a greater range of temperatures than the other types of desiccants, DRYSPACE® is far more efficient and therefore more cost effective in protecting your valuable goods. Specifically formulated and designed to protect cargo during international and local transportation, and storage of goods, DRYSPACE® with its new gel-formula outperforms other desiccants.



DRYSPACE® protects your shipments and stocks from spoilage

With our owners and management having 30 years experience in shipping goods all over the world, and we understand the factors that can put your stock at risk. DRYSPACE® is the solution.

No matter what goods you are shipping, or the distance and climates of the journey, DRYSPACE® will significantly reduce the risk of damage to your products from humidity and condensation.

Use DRYSPACE® to reduce your product loses and wastage and increase your profits.
Use DRYSPACE® to reduce your customer complaints and claims.
Use DRYSPACE® to reduce your insurance claims and negotiate lower premiums.
Use DRYSPACE® to increase customer satisfaction.
Use DRYSPACE® to protect your brand and company reputation.

agricultural productsAgriculture products
Coffee, nuts kernels & inshell, milk powder, peanuts, tea, tobacco, grains, flour, dried fruits, pepper, ginger, pulses, rice, dehydrated vegetable and meats, ready-to-eat foods, starch, all package goods etc.
wood productsWooden products
Wood pulp, mouldings, timber, paper products, furniture, wood pulp etc.
electrical goodsElectrical goods
Electric parts, appliances, cables, toys, wire, etc.
leather goodsLeather goods
Bags, footwear, clothing accessories, garments, furniture, etc.
metal productsMetal products
Copper products, coils, machinery, sheets, auto spare parts, aluminium billets, etc.
Wool, cotton, fabrics and garments, etc.
personal itemsPersonal and Household effects
Protecting the short or long storage or the movement of all your personal effects.
Protects your cartons, boxes and packaging from any moisture damage saving repacking costs.




1000g Dryspace

DRYSPACE® was developed because of the need for a more effective desiccant.

Damage to goods from humidity and moisture is a regular and common problem in container shipping and storage. In the past, these problems have been due to the non-use of, or use of inadequate underperforming desiccants which were neither powerful enough nor durable to last throughout the shipping journey or storage period.

Every year many companies risk their goods and their brand reputation by shipping their products insufficiently protected against moisture damage. The damage from moisture and condensation may include wet or moist cartons and bags, labels peeling off, cartons crushing, mould and mildew, spoilt goods, off odours, rust, staining, and corrosion. These problems cost manufacturers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, trading companies, importers, exporters, warehouses, miners, and insurance companies many millions of dollars every year. DRYSPACE® is the simple solution.

DRYSPACE® stops condensation by absorbing moisture in confined areas. It reduces the relative humidity inside your container and keeps the dew point from forming and condensation or container ‘rain’ from occurring.

dryspace products

With the low cost and super-effectiveness of DRYSPACE® it’s simply not worth the risk of leaving your goods unprotected.

Dryspace in shipping containerHumidity control in shipping containers is a complex equation. How much moisture is in your product? What is the moisture content of the packaging or the pallets? What sort of condition is the container in, how dry is it, are the door seals tight, are the vents fully sealed? And what do you know about the moisture in the floor of the container? Was the container just washed?

Can you predict the weather on the day the container will be loaded, or most importantly what fluctuations in temperature and humidity will your container and goods endure throughout the course of its journey? Does your cargo pass over the equator? All these factors will expose your valuable goods to serious risk.

Our customer service team will advise you which DRYSPACE® product will be perfect for your needs. Contact us now



Desiccants help you defeat humidity problems in containers during sea voyages and when goods are in storage in confined space.
DRYSPACE® absorbs moisture by extracting water vapour present in the air, and thus preventing the humidity inside the container from reaching the dew point and condensing. The bag of DRYSPACE® will to turn into a gel-like substance as it continues to absorb moisture. The water absorbed is retained due to the presence of a binding agent and the Tyvek® (Dupont) one-way barrier bags we use prevents the bags from leaking.

As a Buyer, you should contract or advise your suppliers to use DRYSPACE® when they load your shipments.
As a Supplier, you should invest in the small cost to protect your good reputation and prevent spoilage, losses and claims from damage due to moisture problems, and ensure the safe arrival of your goods to your customers.

Usage Instructions:
1. Before loading containers, check the overall condition. Make sure it is sound and is not wet, has no holes and the rubber door seals are in good condition.
2. Ensure the moisture content of the container floor does not exceed 20%.
3. Close the ventilation holes and seal with adhesive tape.
4. Remove the DRYSPACE bags from the plastic wrapping.
5. Hang the DRYSPACE® bags on the hooks on the ceiling and walls of the container.
Its that simple….Now the container is ready to be packed.

dryspace in shipping container dryspace in shipping container

With the low cost and super-effectiveness of DRYSPACE® it’s simply not worth the risk of leaving your goods unprotected.



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We help our customers solve their shipping and storage problems with an effective, easy, low cost solution, allowing them to grow, to enhance their reputation, to increase profits, to reduce costs and to deliver on their promises.

DRYSPACE® is new and is distributed by a business owned by people with more than 30 years’ experience in shipping agricultural products all over the world.

We offer you, our customers, whatever advice, support and expertise you need.
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